Creating High Performance FM

In our last FPNet ( meeting, we discussed about how to present the values of FM initiatives to get the buy-in from management and stakeholders. Few scenarios were used, from problems to opportunities, to demonstrate on how to make a case for change, in contributing values to organisation so as to raise the recognition of FM to as a value-add function to organisations.

Facilities Management Trend – 2014

Time flies. We are 30% into 2014!

During the recent FPNet (Facilities Practitioner Network) meeting on 26th February, we shared and exchanged views on “Communicating the Case for Change”. Most of us were caught off-guard when we were posed with case scenario to work on, such as the case for critical incidences where we as facilities practitioners will be called upon by management to explain the solutions to the problems.

Facilities Project-Based Management

Project management is a management strategy in enabling a project to complete on time, within budget, and meeting the required specification. Project management, though is a function of facilities management (FM), it is adopted as a proactive strategy in enabling FM as a value-add function and business advantage to organizations.

Communicating the Case for Change

In facilities management, there are constant and never ending opportunities for us to continually improve on the physical workplace, the building systems, and support services. Yet, often, we are letting the opportunities to pass us by because we struggle much with our confidence in gaining the approvals from management and stakeholders.

FM Contract Specification

It is important that Facilities Managers to understand well about contract, especially on the aspect of specification. Many tend to mention that specification is often prepared as a standard “cut and paste” condition for FM. Well, unless the interpretation of success performance is the same, otherwise, the specification serves as a roadmap to achieve your FM expected success performance.