Competent Facilities Practitioner Programme

Learn the strategies, process and tools in managing facilities services so that you and your team can deliver outstanding customer service and best value to support your organization’s operation.


Gain the respect that you and your team truly deserve…..

Are you and your team experiencing the below?

  • MAD RUSH – Your team are constantly fighting “fire”. No time for planning, budgeting and other paperwork. You can see the backlogs accumulating.
  • MISSED OPPORTUNITY – You knew that there should be a better way or an opportunity for change, but didn’t pursue it because you are apprehensive of the skills, knowledge and support that your team can offer.
  • MINIMAL RECOGNITION – Often overlooked by everybody including bosses because they are not aware of what your scope of work except a channel to manage all complaints.

If YES, then our CFP Programme can help you and your team to stop fighting “fire” start making a difference and gain the recognition in your organization.

Blueprint for Value- Based FM

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FMS Associates Asia (FMS) has had the privilege of working with corporate clients and thousands of facilities management practitioners both locally and internationally. During the course, we found hundreds of “best practices” and “practical strategies” that had been tested with success by facilities management practitioners.

By working with these distinguished clients and working alongside some of industry most respected lecturers, consultants, authors and professors, we gained understanding of processes, systems and approaches. We have built a vast knowledge base for our Competent Facilities Practitioner programme.

Most of the information and strategies that we have uncovered are “transferable knowledge and skills”. They can be transferred without much difficulty and
within a short time.

This programme is comprehensive, in-depth and packed with the essential information, tools and strategies that you and your team can apply immediately.

Earn Recognition and Respect

How can your FM team contribute or add value to your organisation?

The CFP programme is developed based on the “Value-Based Facilities Management” model. It aims to equip you and your team with the essential knowledge and skills to earn your recognition.

By the end of the 3 workshops, you and your team will be able to Identify, Sustain and Contribute Values. Start by making a powerful impact to your organisation now.

“Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt
26th President of United States

Establishing Facilities Essentials

FM identifies value through appreciating organization’s needs for facilities services, their impact on organization’s business operations and learning to take
stock of their conditions.

Overseeing Facilities Operations

FM sustains value through ensuring facilities services are operating at their peak performance through best practices. Compliance with legal requirements and organisation’s policies.

Initiating Facilities Improvements

FM contributes value through intentional continual improvement in supporting its organization’s business operations.