The workshops conducted have been very useful. The study packs provided are very good reference materials as they are applicable in our line of work. The way the workshops were conducted allows for interaction, sharing and exchange of information between the participants and this has been most beneficial.

Ms Elizabeth Chee

“I have enjoyed attending this workshop very much.  Mr Yeoh has a very good grasp of the topic, able to present his concept clearly and concisely with very useful practical tips. His willingness to share his experience and knowledge to all participants have benefitted us a lot. There are many take-away from his workshop that I could implement in my current work place.  I would not hesitate to recommend my follow colleagues to attend this workshop.”

Mr. Ang Eng Nam
NanYang Polytechnic

To be honest to you CFP programmes are the ones that I am looking for to fit my new roles in FM.  The Foundation & Intermediate (Technical) level do give me more confident & knowledge to adapt to this new roles.  What surprise me was that at the Foundation Level the CFP participants was given the “Landscape” aspect which complete the whole FM area of works apart from the buildings/structural etc.

The assignment “Condition Survey” did cover the application of what we are thought and thus enhanced my skills as it does help to project my image to my bosses.  Infact I am looking forward to put up my area of works report of “Condition Survey” to the bosses.

While dealing with peoples of FM I do recommend to them the benefits of enrolling for these CFP Seminars to enhance their knowledge further on FM.


The workshop duly delivered to its expectations. It prepares beginners or Mid-career switch to be able to understand what FM industry is all about. The course notes is well-apt and with the “Condition Survey” assignment, it helps to really make you have firsthand experience on how to apply it directly at our workplace.

Mr. Raja Muhammad Khabir

“Today’s workplace is virtually unrecognizable from the one I remember 14 years ago.  Imagine how difficult it would be to practice FM today without the tremendous learning opportunities offered FMS Associate Asia Pte Ltd.  CFP is a knowledge-based credential that will help to accelerate an FM’s transition into the profession. By earning CFP credential, will improve my knowledge, enhance my skills, and gain immediate credibility from my BOSS.

Thank you FMS Associate Asia Pte Ltd.”

Mr. Abu Bakar Abu Samah

It’s my honour to say that CFP programme has made my job easier. With all the soft skills, knowledge and experience gained and shared among participants and instructor, the course/workshop is a great place to discuss for improvement, especially with the FM Network.

I strongly recommend this CFP to any facilitators who are targeting for a higher vision of occupation.

Mr Pham Chau Dang Khoa
Hoan Vu Joint Operating Company