ISC FM Value Model


Most organisations will be undergoing change, due to this Covid-19 pandemic and in anticipating the post Covid-19 business environment. Generally, for organisations to remain relevant and competitive in the new normal business environment, the fundamental drivers are Speed, Cost and sensitivity to customers’ demand. As the mission of Facilities Management (FM) is to manage its…

Safe Management Measures Assessor

Very much the world will like to resume economic and social activities in a safe and progressive manner. We all wish that the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over and restored to business as usual. Singapore will be moving into Phase 3 on 28 Dec 2020, more workers will eventually be allowed to return to…

Facilities Management in Practice

Most people seems to know that one of the purposes of Facilities Management (FM) is to support the core objectives of the organization and its business. Yet the FM profession is still struggling to gain its identity, as compared to the clear identity that the profession such as the Workplace Safety and Health Officer, Fire Safety Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Professional Engineers, License Electrical Workers and Architect.